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Experience friendly, gentle dentistry that produces proven results – a great smile and healthy teeth for life.

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Our dental office offers a wide range of procedures in general, cosmetic and periodontal dentistry.
These include dental implants, veneers, dental cleaning and more.

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Dear Friend,

If you are looking for a great dentist in Thornhill that is compassionate, experienced and budget friendly then you’re in the right place. We have been serving the Thornhill, North York and Vaughan communities for over 20 years and offer a range of services from gentle cleanings to full cosmetic smile makeovers. We have a created friendly work environment that you will love and a team you can trust.

We offer a relaxed, and comforting environment where patients from ages 1-100 can feel at home. Our flexible hours that include early morning and evening appointment will fit your busy lifestyle. We strive for same day treatment and leave room in our schedule for those unexpected urgent emergency visits.

Ultimately, you will want to do your research before choosing your Thornhill dentist. To assist you along the way I have created a free 13-page report: “How to Carefully Choose the Right Dentist For You.” Inside this report you will find essential information such as the 5 questions you must ask before choosing a Dentist.

Please look around and feel free to contact us via email or phone with any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon.

To Your Healthiest Smile

Dr. Morales Rollinson

How to Carefully Choose the Right Dentist For You

This report written by Dr. Maria Morales Rollinson will provide you with tips to make the best decisions regarding the care of your teeth, your health and your smile.

If you are a person who wants teeth that look good and feel good, or if you have apprehension about going to the dentist, we believe you’ll love Rosedale Dental.
In this guide you will find information to help you make an informed educated decision about choosing the best dentist no matter where you are.
[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] So, let’s get right to it by looking at the FIVE questions you must ask any dentist before agreeing to sit in their examination chair.
Our team have determined these key questions to be the most often asked (or wondered about) by patients.

Question 1: How do I know I’ll like my experience if I come to your office?
First impressions mean a lot. A well run practice should be able to effortlessly describe the way you’ll feel when you step through their doors.
What will you notice the moment you step into their office? Is it old and out-dated, stuffy and cramped or is it a state-of-the-art facility, designed for your comfort?
Ambience is nice, but honestly, a far more important aspect of a unique dental practice is the staff. They should be “people-people” people, who enjoy others and truly love giving great service.
Many of our patients have remarked to us what a friendly, upbeat office we have. We take personal pride in being an office that our patients like to come to. Patients are greeted by smiling staff members at the front desk when they arrive for their appointments, then shown around the front office.
We have a lounge to relax in before seeing me, or my dental assistants and hygienists. We offer free wifi, TV and complimentary premium coffee.
If you haven’t been to a dentist in a long while, you can be assured of not being embarrassed or scolded. Listen, we know it can be hard to come in even though you know you should. We won’t make it any harder.
We work to make it easier, so you can feel relieved about that! You get individual attention to help you get the right kind of dental care that looks good, feels good, and helps keep your teeth for a lifetime.
You’ll benefit from the latest technology available in equipment, materials, and technologies so you can not only have great dental health, but also a great smile. You’ll enjoy a friendly, upbeat atmosphere of open communication.
It’s important to ask if the dentist you are considering will take the time to answer your questions, and work to understand your concerns.

Question 2: How do I know you are a good Dentist?

Good dentistry comes as a result of the combination of education… on-going professional post-doctoral training and teaching… talent… experience… and the commitment to doing it right.

  • What kind of experience does the dentist have?
  • What do others say about him or her?
  • What kind of reviews do you find online or in their office?
  • What organizations or community involvement does the dentist have?

These are things to look for. You’ll want to make sure your dentist has a friendly, caring chair side manner. That he or she pays attention to the details that will ensure your care is as thorough and gentle as possible.
If you have a challenging dental situation, how will the Dentist handle it? What can and will they do for you. Why? Does the Dentist have an ability to employ wide-ranging diagnostic and treatment methods to figure out what works best for your situation?
One of the things you’ll notice about me is that I have a passionate commitment to giving you quality dentistry that looks good and feels good.

Question 3: Do you offer all the Dental services that I need or could need?
This is an important question. While every dentist offers exams, cleanings, and care for cavities, not all dentists offer everything you may need.
You may find a dentist that is perfect for you, but what if you need children’s dentistry? Does your dentist offer bridges and implants, or will you have to be referred out to another office to get your dental work done?
Among the not commonly seen services are:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Services- Smile make-over based on computer assisted Smile design to give you the look you’ve always wanted.
  • The ability to show you a computer simulation of what your smile could look like AND to make a “preview” smile that you can wear and show others what your new smile will look like.
  • Whitening to give you white, bright teeth.
  • Super-Strong tooth-colored materials so teeth don’t look grey or dark at the gum line…giving natural looking teeth.
  • Full cosmetic consultation for challenging, difficult situations- restoring smiling and chewing to how they should be.
  • Bad Breath Evaluation and Treatment
  • Advanced three dimensional x-rays
  • Dental Implant Therapy- To replace missing teeth and rebuild smiles, performing all aspects of the treatment, surgery and restoration.
  • Gum Therapy- Which includes using plastic surgery for your gums to make them look right, regenerative surgery using bone grafts to rebuild missing bone, specialized antibiotics to treat resistant gum disease.
  • Customized Cosmetic Dentures-Teeth that look stunning and natural.
  • Intra-oral video and digital cameras- so you can see what we see when we look into your mouth.

These are things people don’t always think about. But your life and treatment can be dramatically simplified if you know what the dentist can do before you choose.
We are a full service dental practice. We can help you with all the routine services you would expect, along with the ones that you don’t commonly see in most dental offices. We offer almost all the dental services you’ll ever need, right here in our office.
Our dental expertise includes; Emergency Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Children’s Dentistry, Dental Crowns/Caps, Dental Bridges, Teeth Whitening, Laser Dentistry, Dental Implants, Family Dental Care, Root Canal Therapy, Sport and Mouth guards. Our commitment is to give you a customized, tailored approach to your medication and treatment regimen.
Among the routine services we offer are examinations, cleanings, check- ups, conservative gum treatment, fillings, advanced x-rays and computerized dental diagnostics, root canals, crowns, bridges, removable partial dentures, and cosmetic dentures.
Many patients say they really like the fact that they don’t get sent all over town for their services.

Question 4: Do you make appointment scheduling, fees, billing, and insurance easy for me?
There’s nothing worse than trying to navigate your way through complex appointment setting procedures and billing schedules.
We recognize the importance of being able to get appointments and having a flexible schedule.
You can request an appointment anytime from our website, or call our office directly Monday through Saturdays.
As for insurance, like many Canadians, you may have a dental plan through your employer, union or provincial government.
We deal with all sorts of plans and file for you helping you win in dealing with insurance companies…and we can help you understand your dental plan.

Question 5: How are you going to help me keep my teeth for a lifetime so they look good and feel good?
Or for those who have lost some of or all of their teeth the fifth and most important question becomes:
How are you going to help me regain lost appearance and function?
Instead of telling you what to watch out for on this question, allow me to tell you what we do here are Rosedale Dental.
First, we’ll talk with you about your past medical history and dental history. We want to know your concerns and what is important to you about your teeth and your treatment.
Then, we’ll do a thorough dental examination that leaves no stone unturned. We know from experience that many times hidden, unknown problems exist that you don’t know about. In fact, unless you have pain, there’s often no way for you to know that you have dental problems. Some problems don’t even exhibit any symptoms until they are advanced.


Comprehensive Exams

A healthily mouth is a healthily body. We promote and educate patients on how to maintain great oral health, helping them decrease their risk of gum disease.

Friendly & Caring Staff

Our dental team's number one priority is making your visit a comfortable experience.

Same-day treatment

Finding time to go to the dentist isn’t east. We offer same-day appointments that fit your schedule.

We love kids!

It is never too early to teach your kids about proper oral hygiene. We are committed to making your child's dental experience at our dental office a positive one.

Direct billing to insurance companies

We submit electronically. No paperwork, no wasted time, and most importantly, no headaches.

Little to no wait time

We offer appointments from 8am-8pm. Your life is busy, we get that. We work hard to stay on time so you can be on your way on time.

100% financing available and flexible payments programs

We offer third party financing with Health Smart for qualified applicants.

Awesome technology

Technology has done a lot to improve our lives. Why fight it? We actively make use of cutting-edge dental technology.

Multi-speciality practice

We offer general & cosmetic dentistry services including dental implants, dental veneers, dentures and teeth whitening in Thornhill.


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Our recent work

Patient #1

Combination of 9 porcelain crowns and 3 implants to replace missing teeth, restore the length, shape and colour of the patients smile

Patient #2

Combination of porcelain crowns, veneers and gum re contouring to improve the patients old restoration to broaden her smile and improve the shape and color of her teeth

Patient #3

6 Veneers to close space and improve the overall tooth shape and smile line

Patient #4

Nine crowns and veneers to broaden patients smile, correct gingival contour and teeth positions. Improved smile balance and harmony, color and shape of teeth.

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