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Dental Terms

Immediate denture Thornhill

An immediate denture is a valuable dental solution that involves the placement of a complete or partial denture right after the removal of natural teeth. This immediate denture offers several benefits for individuals undergoing tooth extraction.

Advantages of choosing an immediate denture:

  • Never Appearance Without Teeth: With an immediate denture, you won't have to face the public without teeth. It provides you with the confidence of having a set of teeth even during the healing process.
  • Precise Tooth Replication: It's easier to replicate the shape, color, and arrangement of your natural teeth while some of them are still present in your mouth, ensuring a more natural look.
  • Tissue Protection and Reduced Bleeding: The immediate denture acts like a protective barrier for the extraction site, reducing bleeding and promoting a smoother healing process.
  • Early Speech Patterns: You can establish your speech patterns early with an immediate denture. You won't have to learn to speak without teeth and then relearn after receiving a new denture.
  • Improved Chewing: Having an immediate denture allows you to chew better compared to having no teeth at all.
  • Minimized Facial Distortion: Tooth removal can sometimes lead to facial distortion. An immediate denture helps minimize this effect.

If you're considering an immediate denture or have questions about the procedure, please contact Rosedale Dental at (905) 886-9900. Our dental practice is conveniently located at 531 Atkinson Avenue in Thornhill, ON.

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